3D product visualization and more.

Why CadAltro changes the way you sell your concepts

The CadAltro platform joins engineering, ICT, sales and marketing into 1 easy-to-use sales tool. Impress your customer by showing all your solutions in 3D, configure products to your customer’s liking and access all relevant marketing materials at the touch of a finger. Unique 3D product visualisation from CAD, even when the products don’t yet exist!

When engineering becomes part of the sales process

It’s a well-known fact that 3D product visualization boosts sales significantly. But bringing CAD to mobile offers many more benefits. The 3D views generated from CAD aren’t just amazingly detailed and accurate, it doesn’t even matter from which angle you’re looking at them. It also allows customers to configure the products according to their needs or even configure entire solutions in real time. The automatic process ensures a fast and intuitive configuration. While exploring the products, you can make live annotations, allowing to give direct feedback to your organization. Last but not least, it allows you to promote products, that haven’t even been manufactured!

Better engineering

Start engaging with your customer

It’s a real challenge ensuring your entire team communicates your value story at anytime. From now on, the tools tell the story and your people interact with the customer. No more classical product presentations, (the sales-rep speaking, the customer listening), but truly interactive sales-meetings. Bigger involvement means greater understanding, leading to faster decision making. You also build confidence because your customers know every detail, even before the product ships to them.

Engage with your customer

Everything at hand with the Sales desk

From now on your marketing message will be consistent! Your entire team will have easy access to the latest product materials, at any time, from anywhere. Display products in 3D or Augmented Reality, spin them 360° or apply configurations. Besides that, browse through the product catalogue, open a datasheet or manual, watch the product video, and so much more at the touch of a finger!

Focus on what’s important

At the end of the day, it takes quite some effort and discipline to sit back and write all your meeting reports. CadAltro’s sales app integrates with your existing ERP/CRM system, allowing you to save a lot of time and effort! The app keeps track of your entire meeting session, saving even the smallest details for further use. (e.g. The annotations you’ve made, the assets you’ve opened, the contact details you’ve completed, useful metrics and so much more.)

Focus on the customer

Training and self-study

CadAltro is also an ideal training and self-study tool. It allows your people to study even the smallest details of any product from any where. The 3D views are highly accurate and configurable regardless of the angle. Besides that they have instant access to all related product materials approved by marketing (brochures, datasheets, manuals, videos, …).

Training tool

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