One step closer to the smart factory.

How CadAltro facilitates production

iOT was the foundation of Industry 4.0, a modern industrial revolution, that is all about delivering operational intelligence to overcome the challenges that manufacturers are facing. CadAltro’s manufacturing app integrates with your companies PLM system, connects furthermore with your other departments and makes your production processes more efficient.

Monitor & control production processes

In order to detect deviations in a production process,  close monitoring is required. The CadAltro manufacturing application, is the ideal monitoring tool.

Scan your products and watch all parameters live on screen. The manufacturing app integrates with your existing PLM (product lifecycle management) system. When exceptions occur, a finger-tap is all you need to access the manual or explore even the smallest detail in 3D or AR from your mobile device.

In addition, the app allows you to control your production processes at the touch of a finger, from anywhere, at any time.


CadAltro’s manufacturing desk

In addition to monitoring and controlling production processes, your entire team will have easy access to the latest product materials. Explore products in 3D or Augmented Reality, browse through the product catalogue, open a datasheet or manual, watch the product video, and so much more at the touch of a finger!

Maintain and repair machinery

Maintenance and reparation are also part of the production process. Every single machine requires a particular maintenance or reparation. Most machines are very complex to explore, often dangerous.

3D visualization will definitely help the engineers doing their job safely and without getting their hands dirty. The manufacturing app. helps them visualize detailed instructions and access all available instructions from any device.

Bigger understanding

Training and self-study

Companies often complain about the lack of qualified workers. Production tasks are increasingly performed by robots and production supervisors need a bigger IT expertise. CadAltro is the ideal training and self-study tool. It allows your people to study even the smallest details of any product from any where. The 3D views are highly accurate and configurable regardless of the angle. Besides that they have instant access to all related product materials approved by marketing (brochures, datasheets, manuals, videos, …).

The ideal training tool

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