CadAltro is the only application bringing CAD to mobile by interacting with your back end!

Make maintenance the fun part of doing business.

Minimize costs & risks, maximize efficiency and improve your customer’s experience while handling technical issues. Make the most complex product data accessible anywhere, at any time and make notes at the touch of a finger. The maintenance application integrates seamlessly with your ticketing system ensuring a direct follow up on all your issues. The app keeps track of the entire session to make sure even the smallest detail is saved for further use.

Bigger understanding

By interacting in real time with the detailed 3D graphics or by going through the storyboards you have defined, your customers will be able to solve problems independently. This reduces the need for expensive and time consuming support you generally need to provide. Because the 3D graphics are generated directly from your CAD files, it doesn’t matter from which angle you explore them, the details are amazing.

Maintenance understanding

Safe and without getting your hands dirty

One of the challenges for maintenance or service people is to get trained on how to operate, assemble, disassemble, service and maintain complex products. Some are even so complex, when they are not operated with care and attention they could even cause injury. A paper manual with even the most detailed technical drawings, will never do the trick. The 3D views in the CadAltro platform are highly accurate, regardless of the angle, because they are generated directly from your CAD files. From now on they can explore each product, inside and outside, safely and without getting their hands dirty!

Maintenance, safe exploring

A direct follow up on all your issues

The maintenance application keeps track of the entire service session, saving every single detail for further use. The metrics give you useful insights on what’s happening in the field and the seamless integration with your ticketing system ensures a direct follow up on all the issues.

CadAltro’s Maintenance desk

Thanks to the maintenance app, your entire team will have easy access to the latest product materials, at any time, from anywhere. Display products in 3D or Augmented Reality, browse through the product catalogue, open a datasheet or manual, watch the product video, and so much more at the touch of a finger!

Training and self-study

CadAltro is also an ideal training and self-study tool. It allows your people to study even the smallest details of any product from any where. The 3D views are highly accurate and configurable regardless of the angle. Besides that they have instant access to all related product materials approved by marketing (brochures, datasheets, manuals, videos, …).

The ideal training tool

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