Understand the look & feel of the design, rather than assuming it through the CAD model

Shorten the design-reviewing cycle

CadAltro offers many benefits… But let’s start from the very beginning, when products are designed.
Visualizing your products in 3D will help you to make more efficient decisions, even before you actually build the product.
The design application or ‘desk’ will reduce communication errors and shorten the cycle of design-reviewing.

No more going back and forth with blueprints

The 3D configurables enable everyone involved in the decision-making process, to understand the look and feel of the design, rather than assuming through the CAD model.

Thanks’ to CadAltro, you eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming photo rendering. The software platform converts any type of CAD files, automatically & instantly. The file size is significantly small and therefor accessible from any mobile device.

Everybody involved can give his/her feedback, no need to access complex CAD programs. The time saved through faster decision making, can be transformed in more design time, resulting in a better final product. What are you waiting for?

Discussing blueprints


3D visualization with CadAltro, allows you to identify issues in advance of the product build.  The ability to visually inspect your future products, will significantly reduce costs and creation of physical prototypes. This rapid-prototyping will save you a large amount of money on labour and materials, because designers can carry forward ideas and implement them in the design prior to production. With CadAltro, all you need is the CAD file, the automatic conversion doesn’t require any manual labour.


CadAltro’s design desk

Present your ideas visually to anybody involved in the reviewing process. Anybody concerned, can not only explore the smallest details of your design, they can also configure it. Justify each design with the required documents (brochure, datasheet, videos, images), made available at the tap of a finger.


CadAltro provides an extremely fast way of creating proof-of-concepts. Often, before deciding, customers seek for a more realistic product design, rather than visualizing a flat design on screen.

CadAltro transforms your CAD data, automatically into 3D configurables, even before the product was build. This ability to explore all details, leads to bigger understanding.

In addition, the ability to make changes “on-the-fly”, allows customers a greater level of input on how the project turns out. This will not only improve the design, but will help you to identify the exact needs of the market, allowing you to develop products with a better acceptance rate.

Proof-of-concepts in sales?

Bigger understanding

Some benefits resumed:

  • A designer thinks visually. From now on you can access your visual concepts anytime, anywhere from any mobile device!
  • Present your ideas visually to anybody involved in the reviewing process. Justify each design with the required documents (brochure, datasheet, videos, images).
  • Get direct feedback. Anyone involved can make live annotations and give you feedback at the tap of a finger.
  • Instant updates from the moment you refine your designs. The entire team accesses the latest version, no matter how many times you update your drawings.
Design reviewing

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