About CadAltro

A revolutionary enterprise software that reinvents the way you do business today.

Engineering, ICT, marketing & sales perfectly blended into 1 software platform. The result is an exciting, easy-to-use, interactive tool tailored to suit your current needs and future ambitions. CadAltro is the only software bringing CAD to mobile by interacting with your back- end! The software integrates with all relevant, multi-format product data sources, especially CAD/CAM systems to transform your design files into 3D configurables.

CadAltro goes beyond 3D product visualization!

Blow away your customer and draw their attention with high- quality, configurable 3D views of your products. Explore your solutions in Augmented Reality and keep track of every move you make. Use the tailor made applications to boost sales, maintenance or production processes.


As a software developer we are an integral part of how technology is changing and enriching the way we live and work. The constant innovation is creating new expectations, expectations that spread rapidly and eventually those expectations will reach the customers and employees of all enterprises… We notice that successful enterprises quickly embrace new technologies to continuously reinvent the way they do business.


It’s our mission to develop future-proof solutions that fit the requirements of even the most demanding enterprises. We are continuously exploring the possibilities to suit the current needs and future ambitions of a modern company, enabling them to stay in touch with their customer’s and employee’s expectations & objectives. Through our software platform, we want to help them maximize their efficiency, save time and money by creating a smooth synergy between your different business processes. We strive to create the optimal user experience for their customers and employees, while reducing their environmental footprint.


CadAltro bvba originated from a successful project developed for TE Connectivity. CadAltro was then developed from scratch, offering them a unique and exciting way to visualize their products. The app allowed TE’s sales team not only to view and configure their entire product database, but also to access all related collateral, from anywhere, online and offline.

IT Manager TE Connectivity states: The TE360 sales app is used globally by TE sales people, and helps configure products in 3D according to customer specifications, and has all collateral data constantly at hand, both online and offline. By digitizing all this data, TE saves a yearly print cost between 2M$ – 3M.